Back in the day before moving, you needed to decide between hiring a full-service moving company or renting a truck and doing all the hard work by yourself. Nowadays, moving services are more flexible. Moving companies that offer various customized options such as moving help are more likely to meet customers’ demands, needs, and, of course – budgets. By choosing a professional moving company, such as Call the Movers, you can customize your local or long-distance relocation projects. Our moving help includes packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, cleaning, and driving assistance.


Each move is different and no matter where people are moving, they seek to get services to meet their specific needs. Clients are more open to signing moving contract with those who offer structurally flexible moving help and are ready to adapt and serve specific needs. So, moving help is more than just providing traditional moving-related services – it is all about providing what is needed, time-saving and affordable. 

One of the best examples of this phenomenon is when moving companies started to provide customers with all the packing supplies instead of just pushing clients to get full assistance with packing their homes. More, moving companies have a professional network of partners from clear-outs and trash removals to even strategic counselling services concerning estate allocations. 


With various types of moving help available, it can be difficult to figure out what option is best for you. Hiring professional movers makes sense on everything from the smallest local moves to the largest interstate moves. The most important thing here is to decide what type of help you need and what you will do by yourself. To decide what help you need consider these three things:

  • What is my moving budget? Knowing how much you can spend on a move, will help you to decide whether you can hire full-service moving help or just assistance for some parts of the relocation. 
  • How much time do you have to prepare for a move? If you have busy schedules and limited time before the actual move, you should consider moving help with packing, since this is the most time-consuming thing to do.
  • How to get your belongings from point A to point B? Planning logistics for your move is an important step to ensure a smooth moving process. If you want to take on a DIY move, renting a moving truck should be considered. On the other hand, if you have a specific vehicle to transport your belongings you will need moving help with safely loading or unloading items to the truck. 


When you decide to get help with your moving logistics, it is not just about renting a truck. First of all, you need to go through how to choose the right one for you. Obviously, you will want to reserve a moving truck size that fits the exact needs of your move. So, estimating how many things you need to transfer is a must. Also, finding the right truck depends on the distance because there are national or just locally available trucks. Contact us and we will advise you regarding moving truck size, type, and additional services. 

Second, you need to consider how the loading and unloading will be done. Loading your truck may seem intuitive, but in fact, professional movers have specific experience on how to fit and secure all the things in the truck. If you plan to move big pieces of furniture, many fragile, or valuable antiques, professional loading and unloading help is essential. 

Third, driving a moving truck requires specific skills, so if you do not have those, hiring a professional driver is beneficial. Professional drivers know how to ensure a safe journey for your belongings. Also, keep in mind that with hiring Call the Movers your belongings will be covered with insurance if any accident will appear. 


Moving labor help services are dedicated to speedy and safe transitions. This includes packing, wrapping, loading, and unloading jobs. These tasks are the most challenging and time-sensitive, so professional moving help will help to simplify your moving process. Moving labor services charge by the hour at Call the Movers.

Hired moving labor services can load the heaviest pieces like pianos, dining tables, and couches with a professional approach. Also, when unloading movers will bring your items to their designated rooms. For the neediest ones, you can get assistance with unpacking or furniture assembling. Keep in mind, that Call the Movers moving labor insurance ensures that you will be compensated for any damage or loss.


If you’re looking for a more full-service moving experience, hiring Call the Movers is a great choice. Full moving packages include all the work mentioned above and storage services if you are planning to store some of your things temporarily. The full scale of moving help can be described as door-to-door service where the client can step aside and enjoy stress-free relocation. 

There is no move too big or too small for Call the Movers, we say yes to every moving task, even if it’s us simply helping you load a sofa to your rental truck, or moving an armoire across the room. Choose to do as much or as little as you like, but we can guarantee that our part is fulfilled to the highest degree of excellence and efficiency.


Call The Movers provides a variety of other moving-related help and will make sure that it is done with great care. If you need help with moving a grand piano, bulky exercise equipment, pool table, fish tank, or valuable antiques, we can assist you! We have much experience in providing moving help for the most challenging cases such as wine collections or huge house plants

All in all, Call the Movers offers customized relocation packages specifically targeting those time-saving, cost-effective services which deliver desired results. Call us and get assistance with your moving in Northern Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, DC. Read our service reviews and plan your next move with us!