At Call The Movers we offer our own storage like most traditional moving companies, but we also believe in local storage units and infrastructure, so if you choose to use local storage units, we will gladly work with you to make sure your belongings protected and stored as safe as it is at Call The Movers storage. Local storage units provide the same services of traditional moving companies – climate control, garage style units in a variety of sizes, but one big and significant difference, it is easily accessible and it is in your backyard.

Benefits of using local storage units:

  • By using your local storage, you will save from 10% to 15%
  • No enduring the cost of travel time and gasoline costs
  • Have access to your things 7 days a week, 5 to 10 minutes away
  • No need to schedule a time window to get something that you need
  • No extra fees every time you want to access your things

Our storage service is efficient and transparent, if you choose to use local storage units Call The Movers will gladly work with you! Why make it more expensive to you, when you can cut unnecessary costs and have better access to your storage unit, on your own time? If you need help our estimator can research the area you reside in or are planning to move to, and can provide you with the best options for your storage needs. If you don’t have time, we can also deal and set up your contract with the local storage of your choosing, and provide you with your key and access code.

Call The Movers packing specialists can similarly make sure that things are well protected, marked, and inventoried. You will always get a copy of the inventory, so you will know what each box or package contains, in case you need it. If further assistance is needed to get bigger items that are stored to your home or elsewhere, we are also just one phone call away.