Eco-friendly moving tips

Taking care of our planet is very important, but moving might not be that friendly to the environment. However, we want to share a few eco-friendly moving tips that you should consider.

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Tips for moving out for the first time

Congratulations! You are moving! Moving out for the first time is exciting, yet a little bit scary. You are about to start living on your own and open a new chapter of your life book. The first time might seem hard and complicated because you do not know what to do. However, if you follow our tips, you should not encounter any big obstacles!

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How to move house plants?

House plants are living organisms, so moving is stressful for them too. Any plant lover wants to find their plants alive after the move. Use the following tips to ensure that they arrive at the new living place healthy.

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How to avoid moving scams?

Finding a legitimate and professional moving company is difficult. People always want to save up money and find the best price offer. It’s human nature. However, we do not live in an idealistic world. So, evil-minded people try to exploit this common human desire. Unfortunately, there are lots of moving scams. We do not want you to get tricked, so if you are looking for movers, make sure you check the following tips.

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How to move a wine collection?

Wine collection requires special treatment during the move. Fine wines can be ruined by movement, temperature, and exposure to light. Therefore, wine collectors should think of proper ways to relocate their expensive bottles of wine. Call The Movers team wants to pay your attention to the following tips.

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4 items that are hard to move

We have lots of heavy and difficult to move items at our homes. So, moving is complicated and might be painful. After packing and lifting household items all day long, you might suffer from back or muscle pains in the evening. Well, if you are in good shape or hire a professional moving company, it might not be the case.

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