Besides all the joy and excitement of moving to a new place, there are quite many reasons why people think moving is a stressful and overwhelming experience. Moving involves a lot of organizing efforts and time, such as packing, unpacking, and hiring a moving company, and on top of that it needs additional costs. It also requires you to start over in a new place, which can be difficult for some people…This is why some people experience moving regrets after their relocation.

All the moving hassle makes people avoid moving and sometimes even regret it. A recent survey by Home Bay, shows that three out of four Americans who moved in the last year have expressed one or another reason why they regret their recent relocation… Call the Movers strongly believe moving can be different and more pleasant! In this article, we will briefly discuss the most common moving regrets and we will give some thoughtful advice on how you can avoid them. 


First of all, the top reason why people relocate is to improve their quality of life in all possible aspects from emotional to financial ones. On the other hand, relocation brings mixed feelings, because every move is different. When moving there is no one size fits all rule and different experiences lead to different moving regrets to face. 

Call the Movers thinks moving regrets can be described as following:

  • MOVING PLANNING AND ORGANIZING. This mainly includes various regrets regarding timing, packing, and decluttering-related moving tasks. 
  • MOVING PARTNERS. This type of regret is associated with moving company a person decides to partner up with. Also, customers can be disappointed when the moving estimate keeps changing, local movers lack professionalism and punctuality. The biggest disappointment is when the moving company is unreliable and the person’s items get missing during the transition. 
  • NEW LOCATION. This type of moving regrets includes everything from the location of a new home, neighborhood, and infrastructure to new home sizing and spacing. 
  • FINANCES. People often regret moving when the final moving costs get higher than they planned and expected, including relocation costs and living costs in a new location. 
  • PERSONAL FEELINGS. Leaving your family, friends, and neighbours can negatively impact your decision to move. Therefore, many sentimental memories stay in your old place. So, all of these, are the top reasons people regret moving.


A recent survey by Home Bay can help better understand moving regrets and how to prepare yourself to avoid them. The most common moving regrets depend on personal decisions that should be taken during the different phases of your moving process. 

20% of people have said that:

  • I wish I moved to a bigger place. It could be associated with the lack of careful evaluation of your needs.
  • I miss my old home, meaning the strong emotional relations to their old home.

19% of people have said that:

  • I wish I got rid of more stuff. Meaning strong sentiments to part of belongings. 
  • It was too much of a hassle. It could be solved by asking for help during the relocation process. 

18% of people have said that:

  • It took too long. It means some important parts of the moving process were forgotten. 

17% of people have said that:

  • It was too expensive. It could be associated with the lack of time to consider all the possible moving costs. 
  • The move negatively impacted my relationships. Meaning being too far from your relatives and friends. 
  • Items went missing. Unfortunately, not trustworthy moving partners were chosen. 

15% of people have said that:

  • I don’t like my new home. Meaning the location and your house details were not exactly what you expected.
  • I wish I moved to a smaller place. Meaning you need to pay for extra space, which you do not need. 

All in all, the survey results show that people often moved in hassle, without taking the extra opportunity to explore all the possible factors that could impact their moving. Taking enough time to research would be a great prevention to many of these above-mentioned moving regrets, but this is not all.


The advice to plan in advance would give you plenty of time to prepare yourself and get happily settled in your new home. Call the Movers to believe these short tips will help you a lot:

  1. Make a Plan: make sure you are organized and have a plan for the move with detailed steps and timelines. Moreover, decide on a timeline, create a packing list, and arrange for help if necessary. This will help you to stay organized and well-prepared. 
  2. Check references: if you are hiring movers, make sure to check references, read online reviews, and get an estimate before you commit to hiring a company. Also, check moving company reviews on accredited sites such as Better Business Bureau or HomeAdvisor. This will help you to avoid additional stress regarding lost items and feeling too much of a hassle.
  3. Do your research: start your research on the area you are moving to prior to making the decision. Explore the area and get familiar with local schools, crime rates, the job market, and the cost of living. Moreover, visit the area! By exploring the area in person, you can ensure that you make an informed decision that you won’t regret down the road.
  4. Consider the moving impact on your family and friends: inform important persons in your life about your decision to move as early as you can. Discuss all the pros and cons and ask them to help you. Also, involve them in the process as much as possible and be open to their ideas. Most importantly, make sure to keep in touch with your family and friends after you move. 


We know that moving can be overwhelming, but our experience also shows that choosing the right local movers can ensure your moving is pleasant and well-handled. Call the Movers is ready to prove moving is something you should not regret of! Choose us as your next local or long-distance movers in Northern VirginiaMaryland, or Washington D.C. areas.