Call The Movers Policy

Take a look at the terms of our company.

The customer or his representative must be present during the move at all times. We need your guidance! It is customer’s responsibility to do a final “walk-through” of the premises to ensure that Call The Movers crew have taken everything. Our time runs continuously until all tools and equipment are back in the truck and payment is completed. Having your check book, credit/debit card or cash ready will save you time and money.

Please note: we do accept checks. For credit card payment your name and the name on the credit card should match. You will be asked to sign for credit card payment.

If Call The Movers is only providing loading or unloading services, we are not responsible for any damages, which may occur in transporting the furniture and is released of all liability after loading the truck prior to unloading. We are only responsible for items in our immediate care, custody and control.

For Example: If we helping to load and You or Somebody is driving your own track to Your Destination “We are Not Responsible for any Damages or Missing Items“.

If You or Somebody was loading a track and Call The Movers helping you only to Unload at your destination “We are Not Responsible for any Damages or Missing Items“.

For local moves, you must pay in full at the day of job. Payment for local moves is due at the end of the job after final walk threw and inspection by , check, cash, card (up to 3% processing fee applied if payed by card).

Call The Movers rates are hourly based with 15 min. increment charge policy and vary depending on crew size you demand for your move. Hourly rate includes movers, all equipped truck, gas, tolls, mileage, basic insurance and does not carries any Hidden Fees. We have a three hour minimum charge policy in case your move takes less than three hours of the Total time (including travel time).

Move Time starts once Call The Movers professional crew arrive at your origin address and ends when movers finish unloading at the destination address. Job Time = Move Time + Travel Time. Travel Time – time added to Move Time to compensate for time spent preparing the truck for your move,  traveling from our Office to the shipper’s point of origin, return trip from destination to Call The Movers Office, cleaning up an refueling. 1 hour of Travel Time is applied to all local moves in Northern Virginia, parts of Maryland and Washington DC.

Any damage claims must be submitted in writing to our claims department. Applicable notes about these damages must be made in writing on the bill of lading as well pictures taken on the day of your move before movers leave your premises. Our company standards do assume a full inspection of furniture by both our movers and customers. However, the final inspection is the responsibility of the customer. All of our customers sign a bill of lading upon completion of a move. It reads “The above services were rendered and all goods delivered in good order, except as noted”. For any insurance company this document is critical in noting charges the same day, to ensure the damage occurred that day and that coverage could be provided.

Unless payment is made in full as is due we are not required to answer or process a claim. Do not assume you may deduct the money from the final bill to compensate yourself in the event of damage.

Customer is responsible for requesting moving permits if ones may be required. Call The Movers can only recommend getting permits for local or long distance moves as they guarantee parking the moving truck as close as possible to your doorway. Because you are familiar with the parking situation on your street, you must decide if you need one, or if you can manage parking on your own. In most cases we require 35-40 feet to park the truck. We highly recommend getting permits at Arlington, Washington, DC such a Georgetown and other areas, where is some restriction for parking. If there is nowhere to park at the time of Call The Movers arrival, the crew will start your moving clock while they will be searching for parking. Driver reserves the right to park anywhere at his discretion to better perform services, even if it is illegal and/or he has to double park. Customer agrees to pay any parking fees or tickets assessed to the carrier for any vehicle under hire by the customer at the time of the charge.

Call The Movers accepting cashiers check, cash or credit/debit card after delivery, inspection, final walk threw. Please note: we do not accept personal checks. For credit card payment your name and the name on the credit card should match. You will be asked to sign for credit card payment. ( up to 3% processing fee for card charge)

Call The Movers only move empty freezers/refrigerators. Please empty the contents for safe moving. Call The Movers professional movers are happy to load these last and unload them first.

You can remove the pendulum, chimes and weights or you can require Call The Movers packers to remove them and pack the safely for local or long distance moving. Wool gloves needed for removing brass parts so they don’t stain after touching them with bear hands, please provide the gloves if you think this level of care is needed.

Call The Movers will put best effort to protect and move your plants locally or long distance, how ever we will not be liable if plants get’s damaged or will not survive the transition. Please don’t water the plants few days before long distance or local moves.

Please empty all dresser drawers, file cabinets and desk drawers. Remember that the furniture will have to be wrapped in blankets,  lifted, carried, unwrapped and set in the new home,  so if it’s overstuffed and extra heavy it will be more difficult to handle and more risk to the furniture and mover. If the furniture will have to be navigated through challenging obstacles, like a winding staircase, it’s usually best to remove everything, even the drawers, as it may be necessary to flip the furniture on its side or upside-down to get it through. Call The Movers crew will advice and update of the risks if furniture will need to be navigated through challenging stair cases, windows, or turns.

Call The Movers only move empty aquariums local or long distance. This means empty of water and also empty of all living creatures.

Flat Screen TV’S  are susceptible to damage from extreme temperatures, slight bumps, and altitude changes. The original packaging is the best. In any case, please note that in the absence of physical evidence of external damage or negligence (visible damage) we are not responsible for TVs functioning after delivery.

If the move requires work above and beyond the original order for services, Call The Movers reserves the right to fulfill other obligations before completing additional work. For example, you have originally ordered services for two (2) rooms move only. On the day of the move you are adding additional rooms to move, not mentioned at the time of request, additional pick-ups/drop offs etc.,  will significantly increase total move time and will reflect on your total billing.  Also in order to make our schedule on time for the next move,(if we do have it scheduled) we reserve the right to postpone additionally requested services till our next availability and/or after completion of other jobs that day. Call The Movers we’ll work with you to make it happen in any situation. We greatly appreciate if you will update any changes ahead of your move even if it’s few hours before the start of  the move.

Call The Movers reserves the right to reschedule the move at an agreed upon time, without liability if there is inclement weather, including, but not limited to heavy/freezing rain, snow emergency, hurricane warning, weather travel ban etc.

Call The Movers reserves the right to choose number of movers for each job, depending on our current schedule, availability, weather conditions etc.

Call The Mover reserve the right to limit our workday to 12 hours for long distance moves. In certain cases, due to DOT hours of service rules for drivers, we may need to cut a job short or send a replacement driver to avoid violating those regulations.

We will not be responsible for damage to plumbing, electrical systems, or for water damage associated with the connection or disconnection of washers, dryers, lamps if we asked to disconnect. Please have appliances or any electrical equipment disconnected by professionals prior to the move.

Call The Movers moves pianos, safes, appliances, gym equipment and other heavy items locally and long distance. Special equipment and extra protection might be required to protect the surfaces of the flooring or outside steps. Call The Movers reserves the right for extra charges in these circumstances due to extra materials or extra time for labour to finish the job safely.

Call The Movers have all the necessary equipment and are quite expert in the field. There is $50.00 charge per flight/per piece for hoisting. We can bring your furniture up through the window or to the upper floor deck with a sliding door, if you have one. Some furniture is too big for the window though, so please measure your windows before the move. In some cases, however, hoisting is unsafe so please respect the mover’s decision not to hoist this particular piece of furniture to avoid injuries.

Sometimes same Call The Movers crew performs two smaller moves a day – one in the morning and one in the afternoon if requested by a client. Our morning move starts between 8-10 AM and ends when the very last piece of furniture is unloaded and inspected into the new place. When exactly will it happen is extremely hard to predict. Call The Movers  try to make every move as smooth and professional as posable. However, there are many surprise factors which could speed up or delay the process, even if we know the volume of the material in advance: the width of the staircase, for example; the traffic situation; the emotional state of the customer; even the emotional state of the customer’s cat or dog etc..

Since we can’t start the second job before we finish the first and we do not know when exactly will it happen – we will provide you a three hour window in witch crew will show up for an afternoon move. You should know that the crew always keeps in touch with the customer and calls when the time of arrival is clear if you requested and afternoon move.

For morning move arrival window is one hour depending on traffic.

For afternoon move arrival window is three hours depending on morning move situation and afternoon traffic. We reserve the right to reschedule afternoon move to next available time do to dramatic changes on the morning assignment, weather or traffic changes.

Call The Movers are concerned about the safety of your furniture. That’s why we have tons of blankets to wrap the furniture and moving straps to strap it to the wall of the truck to prevent shifting. We have dollies and hand trucks. We also have tools to take apart and reassemble furniture. There is no charge for  blankets, straps during the move.

Blanket charge’s do occur if you placing your items into a storage and want your things protected professionally, if not blankets can be removed.

Call The Movers  truck’s you see is a 26 or 16 foot with a ramp and a box. The moving van is a bit wider than a car, it’s also considerably taller. So we ask you to take a realistic look at your street before the move. Some streets are narrow – we know it, and some overpasses have a disappointingly low clearance. There are plenty of ways to avoid scratching someone’s parked car while trying to squeeze a huge truck into a narrow street. Smaller 16 foot trucks perfect for these occasions.

Let’s plan in advance! Some households too big to fit in one 26 foot truck. There are several ways to approach this situation, the most common of them is making a second trip if it’s a local move and very close by to your new address,  or simply request 2nd truck.

One hour of Travel Time is applied to all jobs in Northern Virginia, some of Maryland and any of Washington, DC metro area.

Move Time starts once Call The Movers crew arrive at your origin address and ends when movers finish unloading, inspecting and final walk threw at the destination address. Job Time = Move Time + Travel Time.

Travel Time – time added to Move Time to compensate for time spent preparing truck for your move,  traveling from our Office to the shipper’s point of origin,  return trip from destination to Call The Movers Office, cleaning up and refueling.

Rescheduling is always Free of Charge, but if you would like to cancel the move date 48 hours before the move Deposit is Not Refundable.

Please plan your move accordingly, would be No Problem to refund your deposit 3 days or earlier before your scheduled move.