At Call The Movers we provide full moving services and offer commercial storage solutions for big and small companies. Therefore, if your office has run out of space in your file storage or you planning to relocate, we can provide full moving services as well as short or long term storage services if needed.

Redecoration, buying new office furniture and getting rid of the old ones often take time. In order to help you to run a business and equip new office properly, we provide flexible short and long term storage solutions. So, you will be able to transfer furniture, computers, and other office equipment as soon as the renovation is over.

Our commercial storage services include:

  • Full or partial packing,
  • Transportation,
  • Safety of your inventory or documents,
  • Climate control,
  • Short term storage,
  • Long term storage,
  • Overnight on truck storage.

We serve Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia and provide unique solutions for each client whether it’s a small or big business. Our experienced team members understand that every business owner and company have unique needs, so we are willing to adapt and offer the right services to you in order to make your relocation convenient.

Call The Movers can help pack all the documents, office supplies, and equipment. Therefore, you do not need to ask your employees to help with packing instead of working until the moving day.

Our packing specialists will ensure that all the inventory is protected, marked and inventories. We will hand you a copy of the inventory too. So, you will be able to know what is packed and the amount of boxes. In this way, unpacking in your new office will be easier, organized and smooth.

However, if you decide that each employee should pack their desk and documents themselves, you can take advantage of our free material delivery services. We will deliver packing materials for free and will give tips and instructional advice on effective packing.

Finally, if you need more services than packing and commercial storage, feel free to contact our moving company. Call The Movers is a professional full service moving company that can plan and complete all moving-related tasks. Our mission is to make office relocation or storage smooth and make our clients satisfied. Therefore, if you haven’t found your movers yet, give us a call!