The real estate market has changed a lot in recent years and market and buyers are more demanding than ever. Home staging, updates or renovations is a must in this new era to help make your house appealing for the potential buyers. Research tells that staged and updated homes are sold faster than homes that sold as it is.

Call The Movers is a modern moving company that understands the process of home staging, updating or renovation before you are ready move to your new home. During renovations and staging before your home goes on the market moving and packing becomes much more complexed, as you need to pack and store away at least 50% of your belongings. Call The Movers is ready to assist you in any situations, we even have specialists that we can recommend to prepare your home for the market in Washington DC, Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

If you do have your realtor or stager, no problem, we can come out and take instructions from them what they want prepackaged , moved and stored to get the house ready for renovations, staging or both! You might have a question, what happens if we are moving long distance, no problem, we will pack according to stagers, realtors or your advice, inventory and move your thing to our storage facility while you selling the house. After the house is sold we will come to pick up the remaining items and move therm to onother state or across the country.

Why home staging is useful?

Full rooms and busy walls feels like home for the for family that lives there, however for a new couple or family that is in search for there first or new home things need to be much more mellow and neutral so that they can put there own imagination to work on what they will do with the space, and how they will use it. People see what furniture or décor elements might fit perfectly in the house that is not cluttered and the spaces are open, that’s why staging is great tool and an enhancement that helps sell your home faster. First impression matters!

Staging does not mean that we remove all your items, you will keep everything that is used and nessesary for your daly life! Staging is only about improving, not taking everything you have away and replacing with new decor elements. In some cases, home staging includes decluttering. Call The Movers offers more than just professional packing, local or long distance moving and storage services, we are a one stop shop, we can also do your donation drop offs, take things to landfill, auction house or consighmnet shop if you planning to get-rid of some items that you no longer using.

Finally, professional home stagers depersonalize your home. It might be sad or heartbreaking because you have put lots of effort in decorating your dream home. Remember this is just temporary and all these beutiful memories will be safely and professionally packed, moved and stored by Call The Movers professional moving team. Staging is only temporary and to make sure you gets the best value of something you treasured and cared while living in your house.

Home staging helps to highlight the best architectural features of your home, create functionality and flow in order to let potential buyers easily move from one room to another, think and start dreaming what they will do and how they will settle there.

Do I need to renovate my home?

Get the right answers from realtors and stagers whether you need to renovate your home before selling it. They will advice if your rooms are painted in trendy colors and the interior looks stylish, there’s no need to think of renovation just because you getting ready to sell your house and move. But if your wall paint has fallen off or renovation has been done a while ago, kitchen and bathrooms out of date, renovating might be a good solution to inncrease the value of your home before selling and moving.

Each house situation is different. Call The Movers will work with your professionals or will reccomend specialists to consult each client and suggest improvements after looking through your home.

We know that some people are skeptical about a renovations, staging or small updates, main reason being that it costs money. However, statistic show that well maintained, renovated, updated or staged houses are sold for greater value and much faster. Therefore, we recommend taking your time and cosulting with few professionals to educate your self about your situation, current market and make informed decision.