The piano move is a heavy task. Literally heavy. It might hurt your back if you do a few wrong moves or think too good of yourself. It might hurt your heart too if something goes wrong and piano slips off your hands. We know that pianos often come as gifts from family to family. Thus, sentiments can be broken during the move if you are not 100% sure what you are doing.

Hiring professional piano movers usually helps to avoid damages and health problems. But we know that there are stubborn people who want to do everything themselves. However, when it comes to moving a piano, you need lots of strength and knowledge too. Stubbornness is not enough.

1. How much does it weight?

It’s an essential question. Indeed, it’s heavy, but you must know how much it weights in order to organize the move. Based on the model, a piano might weight from a few hundreds of pounds to 800-1,200 pounds.

2. Find help

Obviously, you won’t be able to move a piano all by yourself. You need help. If you have a small piano that weight a few hundreds of kilos, you may need to ask four strong adults to move it from one place to another.

If you are religious, ask people to pray for success too. Fingers crossed that no one would drop a piano!

3. Measure doorways, staircases, and hallways

Indeed, your piano was installed at your home. So, it has to fit through doors or staircases. However, you may have done some redecoration and measurements may have changed. Besides, you should think about how to navigate the piano in advance to choose the best moving strategy.

4. Prepare yourself and your helping team

Wear comfy shoes and clothes. We also recommend taking off jewelry to make sure that it does not get tangled or stuck during the move and cause terrible injuries.

5. Prepare piano for the move

Pianos are heavy but fragile. That’s why you need to protect it and prepare for the move. In order to do so, you have to use heavy duty furniture straps which help to lift and carry a piano easier and safer.

Also, you need furniture dollies to roll a piano. Please do not consider using integrated piano castles! They are not suitable for that. They might break, create deep scratches on the floor or torn the carpet.

Additionally, if it is possible to take the legs apparat, move them separately from a piano.

Finally, you need to wrap your piano with heavy blankets and secure them with moving tape. Make sure the lid is closed and locked too.

6. Clean the paths

Make sure nothing is in your way during the move. Make sure all the boxes, slippers, kids and pets are not covering the entrance.

Surviving the piano move

The piano is a bulky and heavy item which cannot be moved very quickly. We all want it to magically get into the truck. Sadly, it’s impossible.

If you did the preparatory work attentively and chose reliable (and strong) help, you just need to patient. Do not hurry. Rushing leads to mistakes which often results in injuries and damaged items.

Discuss with your helpers how to balance and navigate a piano through doors and other complicated home locations. If someone needs rest during the move, gently put down a piano and take 5 minutes to rest. It takes less time than recovering from injuries or fixing friendships!

Locating piano into the truck

The piano should be one of the first items you load into the truck. Deep inside the vehicle is the best and safest place for the piano. Then you can add an extra layer of security by adding moving boxes and other items around it.

Yes, this bulky item will be the last to leave the truck.

Pianos are delicate items. After the move, they might need to be tuned again. However, it is recommended to wait about the month before calling a piano tuner. Just like human beings, pianos need some time to adapt to a new environment.

Do you really want to do this yourself? There’s an easier solution. You can hire professional movers. Call The Movers team can safely move your piano for you.