Working in the moving industry is without a doubt categorized as one of the toughest jobs in the USA. Being professional movers are much more than just transporting boxes from point A to point B. The job includes many everyday challenges, opportunities, and a constant sense of accomplishment. It also requires physical strength, endurance, and specific skills such as teamwork, safe loading, and fragile items management. Our company therefore promotes and encourages the development of professional and personal skills, such as the awareness of moving requirements, risk management, customer service, teamwork, and leadership, for all team members.

At Call the Movers we strongly believe that moving is all about the team and what makes a great team is the strength and effort of each individual. To achieve this, we invest in and train our employees’ various skills to help ensure their work is of outstanding quality.


First of all, we should highlight that excellence of a moving crew depends on the company’s internal policy. The goal of Call the Movers, however, is not just about helping people to relocate. We are committed to quality! To this end we invest in our staff and offer them in-house training to have strong, problem-solving-oriented, fast-communicating, and friendly professional movers.

Industry approach

It’s worth noting that nowadays in the industry are many middlemen moving companies that delegate different tasks of moving projects to outside contractors. This means that packing, loading, and transporting are done by different subcontractors, while your hired moving company is responsible just for the management part. Changes in the moving industry can be very confusing for the customers, who sometimes are left aside with many questions or even lost belongings. On the contrary, Call the Movers is a full-service moving company and we treat every moving project from A to Z. Our professional movers performs all the tasks from packing to delivering belongings to your new home no matter if it is within the state or long-distance move to a different state across the country.

Each Call the Movers worker is a part of the company and is trained to complete all moving tasks. We do not hire any hourly-paid temporary workers since we cannot be sure what techniques and experience, they have. Our company believes that it takes time to gain specific moving-industry competencies, which would comply with our company’s standards. For us, moving quality begins inside the company and we put a lot of effort to growing together as a team.

Also, all the training we provide to our professional moving team takes place before ever setting foot in a customer’s home. We conduct training in our office, warehouse, and on the site of our truck fleet where employees go through various tasks until they master different packing, furniture protection, loading, and unloading skills.


Call the Movers empowers our people with knowledge of all aspects of the moving industry from how to prepare items for moving to solving a puzzle of item placement in the truck. We divide our training into three stages:

        1. Handling items inside the customer’s house

This is the most complex part of the training that includes many small moving-related tasks. Did you know that almost 90% of moving-related damage is caused because of the poor approach to moving tasks at the customer’s house? Such tasks as proper padding, stretching or wrapping not only secure belongings during the move but also protect movers when performing loading and unloading. We also teach our team how to pack, mark, label, and take stock of all the boxes because this is very important in order to have a clear plan for how to fill the truck and secure the belongings during the trip.

Moreover, training for the tasks inside the customer’s house includes how to properly navigate furniture in various scenarios. We want our movers to be prepared for any scenarios such as tight staircases, sharp corners and etc.

        2. Carrying items to the truck

The next step in the training of professional movers includes tasks concerning the loading of a truck. Once packing, labelling, and padding are complete, movers must load items to the truck. To do it properly, movers must be aware of how to handle heavy objects correctly and safely.

Physical handling and transportation of heavy items require a stringent safety focus. Handling and lifting must be done accurately, otherwise, the consequences may be irreversible causing damage to the client’s belongings, injuries and pain, or even long-term health risks, for example, spinal hernia. Our professional movers always follow the requirements of the Call the Movers internal health and safety guidelines and, if necessary, can avail themselves of the physiotherapist services free of charge.

        3. Loading items to the truck

Loading items to the truck also requires special attention. Sometimes packing is done by clients or other companies, so loading to the truck can help avoid any potential damage. To put it simply, packers need some ingenuity of Tetris geniuses in order to ensure your items are transported efficiently and arrive at your new home in the same condition they left your old home.

Our movers are instructed and use the best practices on how to stack and fasten belongings inside the truck. We read labels on the boxes and then arrange items to ensure the right packing density. This helps to keep things stable during the trip. Call the Movers are aware of where fragile boxes should go. Also, they can evaluate if some boxes or furniture need additional padding.


On top of all the technical training, where our movers get to know how to move valuable household items such as artwork, china, and antiques, we seek to be attentive and kind to our customers. We know that contingencies and damage do happen, but we believe that everything can be solved. Call the Movers team think that open communication is a key part and professional movers have to have good customer service skills since they constantly interact with the people they are moving.


We put a lot of attention to improving our time management, customer service, and teamwork competencies. This helps us treat each customer with the same amount of care and respect. As far as everyday tasks are concerned, we work as a team that brings a positive attitude to the table and create a sense of being a good partner and co-worker. We strive to be the ones that others want to work and interact with.

All in all, our team of professional movers provides way more than heavy lifting on the day of your move. We are there to support you, so you can enjoy your moving moment. Hire us and you will have a well-trained team of moving professionals working together to ensure your move is smooth, on time, and within budget. Call the Movers now!