One of the most frequently asked questions when planning for a relocation is – how long before the moving company should be hired. People often considering is it better to book movers four weeks or a few months in advance? The main reasons that determine how early you need to book moving company are the time period, as the season of the year, and the complexity of moving like distance or moving size.

Call the Movers team wants to pay your attention that the best time to start calling movers is as soon as possible.

1. Time-period of your move

The busiest time of the year according to HireAHelper – Migration Report 2020” is summer. It is the most common season to move, with 35% moving during the warm season. Therefore, winter is the least common time for a move, with only 16% of people moving in the winter months.

Local and long-distance moving companies are the busiest during the months from May to August. Our experienced moving team practice proved that during these months best movers won’t have much availability a month or a few weeks before you move. You may end up with a lower-rated, unqualified moving company, which can make your moving experience more stressful and even more expensive. Just remember, that professional movers put more attention to your moving boxes’ safety and cleanliness without rising a price.

  • If you planning to move during peak moving times like late spring, summer, weekends, or national holidays, we highly advise scheduling your move well in advance – at least 2 months before your desired moving date.
  • If you’re moving in a less busy time, as of late autumn, winter, and daily workdays, 4 weeks before your move should be enough to work out the logistics and ensure the success of your relocation.

2. The distance of your move

As we mentioned before, the factor where you are moving also determines how difficult it might be to book a mover. It doesn’t matter if you’re planning short or long distance moving, because if you wait too long, there’s a big possibility that the best moving companies won’t be available for your move. Call the Movers to know that not every situation will allow you to book your movers months in advance, but our company always ready to find the best solution for each situation or needs.

  • If you are moving across the city, you can book moving company not later than 2-3 weeks before the relocation. This kind of moving will not take long, so the moving company will be able to easily fit it into their work calendar.
  • If you’re moving within the same state, you should book a moving around 4 weeks before the moving date. One-month period is an appropriate time for interstate and short distance moving.
  • If you’re moving to a different state/ cross the country, you should remember those booking movers should be done not later than 2 months before moving and around 3 months before if you are moving in summer. This is because a long-distance move requires more time and effort for professional movers to coordinate pick-ups and deliveries in different states.
  • Moving abroad needs at least 3-4 months in advance because moving to another country is a multiplex process that requires careful planning and plenty of time.

3. The complexity of your move

  • If your relocation includes valuable items that need special transportation or conditions like piano, plants, or fishing tank, remember to book moving company around 8 weeks before your short or long-distance move. Any additional moving services also need to be scheduled earlier, because professional movers will take time to ensure that the necessary equipment is available on your desired moving day and everything is lined up.

To sum it up, relocation needs planning and scheduling everything in advance. The sooner you start, the better deal and moving company you’ll get. The first step you should do is to decide on convenient moving date or time period to secure excellent moving help for that day.

Call the Movers recommends that the best time to book your move is about 1-2 months in advance, but if your moving is upcoming sooner our moving team and Fairfax County, or in Greater Washington DC metropolitan area would gladly help you with flexibility and outstanding quality, without strict time boundaries.

Just contact us and we will discuss your move.