Moving in autumn has lots of pros. Summer heat does not bother anymore and you do not have to choose between moving and summer holidays. The moving industry also slows down and it gets easier to find movers for the affordable price.

However, just like any other season, autumn has its specifics. You have to pay attention to a few aspects of the autumn move to make it less challenging and stressful. This is why we prepared set of tips for moving in Autumn.

Make school changes a priority

If your move requires changing schools, you have to be open and talk with your kids. Initiate the conversation as soon as you can and help your kids get through the transition. This life change will be hard for kids because they have to leave their friends and the environment they used to live for their whole life.

Specialists recommend visiting schools together, visiting a new location and showing the highlights of the new neighborhood. When talking with your kids, try to show them the positive side of the upcoming move.

Clear pathways

Autumn is quite a messy season with all the leaves fall on the ground. Yes, it’s beautiful. But it disturbs the move. Autumn move requires lots of cleaning outside. Before your moving company or transportations arrives, you should clean a sidewalk and driveway. This is especially important if it has rained recently.

Getting rid of the autumn leaves makes your move cleaner and prevents from potential slips which might end up with injuries during the move.

Protect floors

Save your time and protect floors from the dirt before the move. You can find and use various protective materials, such as plastic painter’s sheeting or large trash bags. However, make sure that these plastic materials are strong and taped down properly to avoid quick damage.

Set up utilities in your new home

Pay attention to this tip especially if you are moving in the second part of autumn. Make sure that electricity, heat, gas and other utilities are set up a few days before your arrival. There’s nothing pleasant starting first days in your new home without light and heat when it’s cold and raining outside.

Find a professional moving company

You can handle the move yourself, but you can make the transition easier by finding reliable movers. Moving in autumn is great because movers are not that busy compared to summer, and prices are lower. Therefore, you should take advantage of the situation and dedicate at least some parts of the move for the movers. Call The Movers team is waiting for your call!