Have you already revealed your big secret to your friends and relatives? The one about moving in winter. Some may think or even say out loud that your decision is a crazy and terrible idea. It’s freezing outside!

Weather is definitely the biggest obstacle of winter move. However, if you faithfully check the weather forecast, get dressed properly and have a professional moving team, winter move is not that challenging.

Moving in winter is great for those who want to save up money, have wider opportunities to choose moving time, and have stress-free summer holidays. However, you should be prepared for unexpected winter situations and follow our tips for moving in winter.

Start planning early and check the weather forecast

Planning is an essential part of each move. However, unpredictable winter weather might alter your plans. In order to plan a smooth move, you should check the weather forecast frequently.

The snowstorm may not have been predicted last week, but it might be expected in tomorrow’s weather forecast. Communicate about the weather with your movers who may not have seen the latest weather news.

If you decide to move in winter, you might need to flexible to the changes due to unexpected weather conditions: snow, rain or icy roads.

Hire professional movers

Professional movers are helpful in each season. They pack, lift and load your belongings quickly and hopefully without damaging your goods. When we are talking about moving in winter, you should consider extra help even more.

During winter months hiring a professional moving company is cheaper and easier compared to summer season when the industry is at its peak. Winter is an off-season for movers, so you should be able to choose the best dates for your move. Usually, moving companies have a variety of dates to choose from.

Protect your belongings from the weather

It is important to pack fragile items properly in order to avoid damage due to the rapid temperature difference. For example, glass items can easily crack or break once you move it outside. Keep them warm!

Snow or rain might make your boxes wet, so packed inventory might get ruined too. Make sure that all your items are properly protected from humidity.

Check utilities at your new home

When moving in winter, you have to double-check if the heating at your new home is turned on. You do not want to open the door, take off your shoes and find out that it’s freezing!

The heating should be turned on at least two days before you move in day. It’s enough time to make your new house or apartment warm.

Clean sideways

Get rid of the snow on the sideways or driveways just before your movers or truck arrives. Additionally, you should have sand or salt if it gets icy. Loading a truck and moving heavy boxes is very dangerous on the icy pavements or roads! Neither you want to get hurt or get your fragile items broken!

Warm up from the inside

Prepare thermos bottle with hot chocolate, tea, coffee or even vegetable soup. A few sips of hot beverages will keep you warm. You should not forget that your movers might be freezing too. They would appreciate this small gesture and gladly accept warm tea!

Have extra gloves

Extra pair of gloves will help you if it’s very cold. You can just add an extra layer and prevent your fingers from freezing. Moreover, gloves quickly get wet, so having an additional pair brings you more comfort and warmth.

Take care of your kids and pets

If you are moving with kids or pets, you have to make sure that they are not freezing outside while movers are loading a truck. If it’s possible, leave them at your friends or neighbors until they can sit in a warm car or truck and reach a new home.