The need for storage service often arises with relocation projects, because many people find it desirable to declutter their homes before a move. Basically, you’re going to need somewhere to put all of that extra furniture, the documents, or any other household goods. Others need to move out of their old homes before their new homes are ready for occupancy and then face a need for storage services.

There are two main storage unit options – self-storage or full-service storage but whatever the choice, finding the right storage facility may be an issue. There are a few things to keep in mind when choosing both the type of storage facility and the type of storage unit.

Learn about each type and decide which one is right for your situation. Do not hesitate to Contact UsCall the Movers specialists are ready to offer storage services that will meet your needs.


Self-storage is a service where you can rent a space of a certain size to store all your belongings. A self-storage facility is also known as a “drive-up access” storage unit because of the possibility to pull up right next to it with your vehicle and load up or unload your items directly. But as the industry has evolved, local storage units today also provide indoor garage style units with climate control in a variety of sizes to satisfy all needs.

To bring your belongings to a self-storage unit, you need to use your own personal transportation or rent a van or a moving truck. Also, self-storage facilities do not provide any labor assistance. In this case, you need to arrange loading and unloading services yourself or ask for help from your friends or family.

Self-storage is easily accessible throughout the day until late at night. Payments are collected monthly, but you need to pay attention to the insurance policy because you may be asked to ensure additional security of your storage unit. For example, to install an additional locker or get extra insurance to protect your valuable items.

The size of the unit, its location, and whether it’s a climate-controlled unit are three major factors which determine the price of self-storage. For a climate-controlled unit, you may be paying 15% more than for a standard one.


  • Access to your storage unit at any time.
  • No lengthy contracts are involved in self-storage.
  • Self-storage has lower rates than those of full-service storage and prices are more affordable.


  • Self-storage units have limitations on what items can be stored.
  • The levels of security, cleanliness, pest control, and customer service vary.
  • You need to arrange packing, moving items, and loading/unloading yourself. It will involve additional costs.


Full-service storage is provided by moving companies and usually involves storage at warehouses with a full loading dock and secure rooms, which cannot be publicly accessed. This means, that you cannot have access to your belongings whenever you like, and you need to make an appointment and schedule a specific time. You should keep in mind that if you need to access your belongings frequently, a professional mover’s long term storage may not be the best option.

Full-service storage services include professional assistance in picking up your things, delivering them to the storage unit, and returning your stored items on demand. Additionally, you will be able to order packing services. In short, you only have to make payment, and the moving team will do the rest.

Full-service storage facilities are indoor and climate-controlled facilities. In this case, moving companies guarantee that your furniture is pad-wrapped. This means, that all your furniture is pad wrapped in heavy-duty moving blankets. This helps to maintain the best condition of your items.

Moreover, this type of storage guarantees the highest security of your goods because you are going to sign a contract and you will be provided with a copy of the inventory list of all the items moved and shifted to the mover’s storage unit. In full-service storage, all your goods are labelled and moving companies offer liability coverage throughout the duration of your move and storage period.


  • Convenient solution – professional packing, pick up, storage and delivery. All it takes is just to call your service provider.
  • All your belongings are recorded, labeled, well-protected, and have a liability coverage to prevent any damage.
  • Full-storage service usually offers indoor storage, which minimizes the risks of exposure to leaks or extreme weather conditions.


  • Limited access to a professional mover’s storage.
  • Companies often have a minimum storage term.
  • A full storage is a more expensive option than self-storage because they charge for the convenience they offer.

Now you know about both types of storage services, their pluses and minuses, however, you may still not be 100% sure which one to choose. Call the Movers suggests asking a couple of additional questions, which can help you to decide.

How often will you need to access your belongings while they are in storage? Do you need to access your storage at any time?  

If you need to access your belongings frequently, self-storage would be a much easier option for you.

How long are you planning to use the storage facility?

Self-storage is a temporary solution during a move, while full-service storage is fully equipped to keep your items in a good shape for a long period.

We hope you will find this information useful, and it is much clearer to you which storage type to choose. Do not forget to decide how important the factors of convenience, price, and access are to you. If you would like to learn more, Call the Movers will be pleased to help you with your storage, moving, or packing needs.