People hire movers to save themselves time and to ensure that their move is managed professionally. If you want to hire a professional moving company for your relocation assistance, setting a budget for moving-related costs is important. It is crucial to have an accurate understanding of the final moving estimate when planning a residential move. However, calculating the moving costs is not as easy as it seems at first.

The price range of hiring movers can be anywhere between a few hundred dollars and several thousand dollars, depending on how far you are moving and how much work you are willing to do yourself. You should look for an experienced and reputable moving company that will help you find ways to cut down your moving expenses, and who will give you an accurate moving estimate of what those expenses will be. Read here how to find the best company for your move.

If you want to get an moving estimate that actually means something, you need to understand the factors that affect the cost of your move.


The first factor that impacts any move is distance. The distance between your current and future home will be determined as a local or long-distance move. A long-distance move is expected to be more expensive because relocation will take more time and appropriate preparation for moving items, such as extra packing, must be ensured.

Another major factor to consider about moving distance is extra stops. Making more than one stop, for example to a storage unit, will cost extra because additional loading or unloading in different locations will be counted as extra labor.


When you enquire about a moving estimate, you will be asked about the size of the home. You will need to provide the information on how many bedrooms you are moving and the square footage of your house to give you an estimated cost. It is understandable that moving to a four-bedroom house going to cost more than moving to a studio apartment.

In order to evaluate the size of your home, movers generally do an in-home or online estimate. For larger than a two-bedroom house an in-home moving estimate is preferable. During the in-home or online estimating, you can ask for more details regarding moving costs, moving company policy, license, and insurance.


You can save money by packing some or all of your belongings yourself. If you order packing services, movers will need more time to properly pack your belongings. Packers do their job using the latest packing techniques and materials that the moving industry has to offer today in order to keep your valuable items safe and ready to transport. You will be asked to pay additionally for packing services according to the moving company’s hourly rate and material cost.

Please note that the more items you are moving, the higher the cost. Also, movers charge more to transport specialty items – pianos, grandfather clocks, delicate antiques, and art, because high-value items require additional care, time, and materials to keep them well protected. There are some items that movers won’t move, like propane tanks, flammable sprays, paint, light bulbs, chemicals, and perishable items. Furthermore, it is recommended to transport personal items, such as heirloom jewellery, licensed guns, or any other high-valued belongings, yourself.

If you are on a tighter budget, you can cut costs further by disassembling and reassembling large pieces of furniture rather than having the mover do it for you. Another option is to choose packing services only for specific kinds of items, like artwork or a grandfather clock. Also, you can ask professional movers for a free material delivery service and an initial packing consultation. Call the Movers is always ready to help no matter if you need full, partial packing services or just friendly advice.


Summer is the busiest moving time of the year, which means that moving in a peak season will cost more. You can save money by considering relocating from September to May because moving off-season can be 15-30 percent cheaper. Additionally, moving around the holidays will also be more expensive. Moving estimates are expected to be higher on weekends, the national holidays, or on the first or last day of the month because rental agreements typically expire on these days and more people have plans to move. The lower demand for the services of the movers results in lower costs and greater availability.

Interesting fact – it is generally cheaper to move in the last two weeks than in the first two weeks of a month.


This is one of the most common reasons for increased costs. If you are not planning to move all your items to a new place or need to store some or all of your belongings at the carrier’s warehouse because your new home is not ready to be occupied, you’ll need to pay an additional storage units charge. Storage costs depend on the size of storage you need, the period of time, and the loading and unloading services you require.


Last but not least is the location factor, which directly influences your moving estimate. Basically, if your property is hard to navigate, your moving costs will increase. The easier it is for the movers to get your items, the lower the costs will be.

There are three main factors you should keep in mind:

  1. Poor access to your pick-up or drop-off location. If your current or future residence is in the neighborhood which prevents access to a large moving truck, because of a narrow road or not enough space for parking you could be charged more. Because of these circumstances, your movers will need to find another way to get belongings out of your old home or into your new one. For example, they might need to use smaller vehicles and load/unload them more times. Additionally, some movers will include a surcharge if they have to walk more than 50-75 feet from your home to the truck. We recommend taking care of parking permits for a moving truck as well to ensure that there is enough parking space for a big truck.
  2. Stairs or long walking distances. Living in an apartment building on a higher floor without a working lift will increase your moving estimate. The cost of your move will also be higher if there are very long flights (10-12 steps usually equal to one flight of stairs) which they need to carry your belongings up or down. Also, the size of the elevator and the distance from the elevator to the moving truck are important for smoother moving.
  3. Narrow doors, hallways, or staircases. If some of your items do not fit through the doors, down narrow hallways, or into the elevator a rigger might be needed to hoist them through a window. In this case, a hoisting fee will apply.


With so many variables influencing the estimate, when researching your moving options and selecting the right movers, you must be very attentive. Call the Movers recommends getting at least three estimates, then compare the rates and conditions and make your choice wisely. Most importantly, remember moving estimates are non-binding.

Call the Movers offers a free-of-charge in-home or online estimate. It helps to determine how many crew members, what kind of materials and the size of the truck you will require for your local or distance move, and how much it will cost you.