Moving is a big industry, with various operators, brokers and agents who share different philosophies, goals, and business intentions from what Call The Movers services and believes.

We would like to offer you a quick reference guide in choosing a moving company. Use these following tips and ask the right questions to help you evaluate and decide what is best for your needs.

Your top and foremost priority must be to get at least three In-Home Estimates – disregard the low-balling ones, avoid estimates over the phone or internet if possible. You want the estimator to see your home so they won’t have a reason to surprise you with extra charges when they show up to move you. This initial contact with the estimator will also give you an opportunity to ask the right questions.

Ask the estimator for:

  • Hourly rate, amount of movers you will need, travel time charges
  • How many hours it will take to complete the whole move (see if it makes sense)
  • Ask for a materials estimate (often you will hear “plus materials”, not good enough)
  • Ask if there are extra charges (should be only two: hourly rate for labor, and material charges if you choose to use companies materials)
  • Inquire about the policy, about cancelation, don’t sign any contracts or pay any deposit to “secure a date or a (unless materials were delivered for a self-pack). Moving is a service like any other and if your circumstances change, you should have an opportunity to cancel it within 48 hours (Call The Movers policy).
  • Most importantly: moving estimates are non-binding. Compare the content of the estimates (estimated hours, hourly rates, number of movers, cost of materials) not just the numbers at the bottom of the estimate. That’s assuming that this is the price of the entire move. Choose the one that makes the most sense in the content and not just a satisfying but unrealistic bottom line “price”.

We hope it helps to choose the right moving company.