Finding a legitimate and professional moving company is difficult. People always want to save up money and find the best price offer. It’s human nature. However, we do not live in an idealistic world. So, evil-minded people try to exploit this common human desire. Unfortunately, there are lots of moving scams. We do not want you to get tricked, so if you are looking for movers, make sure you check the following tips.

Read reviews

When looking for a moving company, you should spend some time reading former clients’ reviews on Facebook, Google or Yelp. Keep in mind that not everything you see on the internet is true, so you have to be critical. However, seeing hundreds of negative reviews is a red flag that the company is dishonest or incompetent. There’s no doubt that you should avoid having business with such movers.

Check their license

Having a license is important for every legitimate moving company. It shows that a company’s activities are monitored or regulated by the government. That means that if they steal your money or belongings, the government would not be able to help you because they have no information about the movers.

Prices are lower than average in the industry

The prices of moving services differ by season and moving company. However, you can ask a few companies for the quotes and compare the prices. If some quotes seem too good to be true, you should not get excited. It’s possible that a company hides extra fees or is illegitimate. So, instead of saving the money, you will be ripped off. Keep in mind that absurdly low prices are a clear indicator that the company is shady.

They do not offer proper insurance

Legitimate moving companies offer insurance because they care about their clients. Even though you are not planning to move something valuable, you should still ask about insurance options. If they have nothing good to offer, it’s possible that a company is not legitimate.

However, if they show you a suspicious certificate of insurance, you should contact the supposed insurance provider to get more information about this deal. It’s better to be safe than sorry!

No physical location

Running a moving company requires space for trucks and other equipment. If you cannot find a verified address of the moving company, you can be sure that they are not legitimate. They can take your money and all the belongings, turn off their phones and shut down the website.

Checking the address might not come up to your mind when looking for movers. However, it’s crucial to avoid moving scams. You can read more tips on how to choose reliable movers here.