Inspirational quotes encourage us not to be afraid of changes. Moving to a new location or buying a dream house is exciting, but when you realize that your old life has to be packed to boxes and relocated to another state, city or continent, the stress level skyrockets immediately.

Moving is stressful. We won’t lie. Sadly, there’s no spell that takes away the stress on a moving day. However, there’re some magical tricks and tips that reduces the stress level to a minimum.

Take time

There’s nothing worse than starting packing and doing other moving-related tasks last minute. It is recommended to start planning your move 8-12 weeks in advance. You should start moving-related tasks early especially if you are planning a summer move and want to hire a moving company. It’s the busiest time of the year in our industry!

Make a to-do list

Moving check-list is a lifesaver. Create a to-do list with clear deadlines what has to be done before the moving day: decluttering, donating, packing, hiring moving company or truck. Having a plan in front of you and crossing out completed tasks will make you feel less stressful and in control of the move.


Before packing everything into moving boxes, make sure that you are not packing things you no longer need. Moving is a great time to donate, sell or throw away things you do not need. We shared some tips on decluttering here.

Prepare your new home

Of course, it’s not always possible. But if you can, make sure than renovation and redecoration is over and your house is clean before the move day.

Give yourself enough time for packing

We shared our tips on when to start packing here. To summarize it, you have to start packing from items that you rarely use and finish with the essentials box.

Ask for help

You always have two options. You can ask your friends or you can hire a professional moving company. Both options are great. But if you opt for the first one, please do everything not to ruin your friendships if something goes wrong or brakes. We want you to know that professional movers do more than packing or lifting boxes. They save friendships and relationships too.

Have a party

Yes, it may sound strange but you have to say goodbye to your old home and life. Gather your friends and family and have a great time in your old home for the last time. Having a party in the middle of the move might seem ridiculous because you are busy! But trust us, having a great time with your friends or loved ones is the best way to reduce stress level!

Treat yourself and your family

Do not forget to eat, drink water and have enough sleep. Last days before the move might be chaotic and stress levels might peak, so it’s easy to forget your basic needs. You should ensure that your family members have proper rest and food too.

Finally, we want you to know that Call The Movers is a professional full-moving company that can make your move easier. In case you need extra hands with packing and lifting boxes, storage solution or other help related to long-distance or short-distance move, just give us a call!