Even though minimalistic lifestyle is trending for a couple of years, we still buy and keep lots of things in cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers. Attic or basement is often filled with unknown stuff and mysteries: where did it come from? How long has it been there? Do I really need this?

No, you don’t. The pile of dust is proof that these things should be removed, sold, donated or forgotten. Declutter before a move is a must in order to simplify the moving process and start a fresh life with fewer things in a new home.

Decluttering seems as overwhelming activity and actually is. However, it’s easier to get rid of useless things instead of packing and transporting them to a new location and follow the same routine every time you change your address.

So, let’s start decluttering

1. Take time

This process requires quite a lot of your time. Take a look at all the dark and secret spaces of your home, and think how much time you may need for checking every item lurking out there? A day? Two? A week? We highly recommend giving yourself extra time in order to finish decluttering before your movers arrive.

2. Get three boxes

Three boxes are needed for every room of your home. One box is for things you want to keep. The second box is basically for garbage. The third box is for things that can be sold or donated. Now, you should open each drawer and put all items into one of these boxes.

3. Leave sentimental items for last

Your basement or attic is probably full of items with sentimental value. While it’s quite easy to get rid of useless or broken items, making a decision on sentimental valuables is challenging. It’s hard to say goodbye to things that brings up memories.

So, we suggest sorting out these items at the end. It would be easier and saves up time. We know that it’s easy to spend hours watching old pictures, reading diaries or looking at other things you forgot about during the years.

4. Be practical

In the second tip, we mentioned three boxes you need during the decluttering. However, you might wonder how to do decide what to keep, throw away or donate. Sadly, there’s no rule that suits everyone. You have to be practical in your own terms and be honest with yourself.

For example, you should set a time limit for your clothes. If you haven’t worn something for a year, probably you won’t wear it in the near future too. Donate it.

For sheets, towels or kitchen utensils, you should check for duplicates. How many towels can a person or family need? Do you really need three turners for pancakes? Indeed. It’s better to share your goods with the ones who need them the most.

5. Check expiration dates

This tip becomes very important once you enter your kitchen and bathroom. Expiration date helps to get rid of the excessive amount of spices, pasta or cereal.

This tip also works for your or your beloved ones’ makeup collection. If you cannot remember when you bought your mascara, it’s time to say goodbye to it! The majority of makeup products expire after a year.

6. Give items to charity or hold a garage sale

Once your house is sorted out and all items put in three categories, it’s time to donate or sell goods. Decluttering might become a little bit profitable for you or at least make you feel good about yourself for sharing goods with less fortunate people.

Finally, there’s no right or wrong way to declutter before a move. If you really want to downsize, you will easily sort out your belongings. However, do not feel pressure to get rid of everything, especially when it comes to sentimental items. They would make your new place feel homier.