LOCAL MOVERS in Falls Church, VA

Living in a small municipality might become confined. However, local movers in Falls Church, Virginia are ready to pack your life and move it to a bigger location. We have no doubts that you already established strong relationships with your neighbors who are willing to help, but professional moving services can do it faster and ensure that you won’t wave goodbye with anger in your heart.

Call The Movers is a professional moving company in Falls Church. We provide full moving services, including packing, loading, storing, senior relocation, local moving and long distance moving. Our movers and manager provide high-quality moving services that are based on trust and exceeding customer’s expectations.


local movers in falls church
  • Local movers in Falls Church, VA
  • Long distance moving
  • International moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Internal moving
  • Customized moves
  • Door to door, same crew, full moving service
  • We pack and load your rental
  • We unload your rental
  • Use our driver to drive your rental.

Why choose Call The Movers to be your local movers in Falls Church, VA?

Call The Movers provides local moving services in Falls Church, but we can pack and transfer all your belongings to all locations inside and outside Northern Virginia too. Our professionals provide long distance moving and international moving services. We can assure that all your boxes will be safely transferred to your new location.

Our Falls Church moving company is willing to solve all moving-related problems. Wrapping all your belongings, renting a truck, driving to a new an unknown location, unpacking everything and removing empty moving boxes sound much easier than it actually is. Our specialists can plan and manage local moving, long distance moving, and international moving processes.

We own spacious trucks and have professional expeditors who know the roads and read maps easily. We now effective packing and storing strategies. We can ship or help to donate furniture, dishes and other belongings from your former place. Most importantly, we care about your needs and want to provide all the help you need for the affordable price.


local movers in falls church
  • Full packing for local moving, long distance moving, international moving
  • Partial packing for moving or storge
  • Full packing for storage
  • Crating of pictures
  • Unpacking and recreating after moving
  • Rehanging of pictures, shelvings, flat screens, chandeliers after the moving
  • Assistant to help you pack for moving
  • Pack your self and use our free delivery of moving materials
  • Free pick up of used boxes for recycling after the moving
  • Free packing consultation.

Have you ever thought how many moving boxes you will need to pack all your dishes, paintings, books, and clothes? How are you planning to move your TV, computer and other fragile belongings? Which items should you start packing first? Every mover has the same thoughts that drive insane.

You need a moving plan and professional help to make sure that everything you need is packed, wrapped, and marked. Call The Movers helped thousands of people to pack their belongings, so we know some tips and tricks on how to make this difficult process easy.

If you need temporarily store your goods, our moving company can offer some storage units in Falls Church and outside of it. Choosing a storage provider requires considering many factors, such as distance from your new home or office, climate controls, and insurance. Our Falls Church movers can help to avoid damage to your goods or overpriced local storage units.

Why use local storage:

  • By using your local storage, you will save from 25% to 40%
  • No enduring the cost of travel time and gasoline costs
  • Have access to your things 7 days a week, 5 to 10 minutes away
  • No need to schedule a time window to get something that you need
  • No need to pay extra fees every time you want to access your things
  • No need to adhere to strict rules and inflexible terms of conditions
  • Support your local infrastructure that is already in place

If you pick Call The Movers as your local mover in Falls Church, you won’t be disappointed. We always arrive on time and pack or load your inventory as cautiously as possible. We guarantee that nothing will be lost or damaged during the move.

STORAGE UNITS in Falls Church, VA

local movers in falls church

Do you need storage unit as part of your move in Falls Church, Northern Virginia? We are moving company near you, that provides moving help and various storage solutions for every client.

Our storage units’ solutions in Falls Church VA include the following services:

We are able store your items in a secure and climate-controlled facility for as long as you need.

Have a growing business in Falls Church VA that needs some extra storage space? We offer flexible storage unit sizes and terms that are great for business use.

Our team organizes how to load storage with your items conveniently for long-term and short-term storage.

You can choose to pack your belongings as a more economical option. Our team will be happy to help you with many packing techniques to make sure your self-packing as good as a professional packer.

Call the Movers offers you keep your items in the storage for a month, a couple of weeks or a few days.

Regardless of the reason why you need long-term storage, the first step to take is to decide exactly which of your belongings you want to keep. We can provide a convenient, affordable storage solution for long-term storage in your Northern Virginia neighborhood.

Don’t let the stress of summer storage take over during finals! Keep your belongings in our storage units for whole Summer brake without any additional concerns.

If you’re looking to store on bulky items, such as a surfboard, kayak or musical instruments, Call the Movers will gladly work with you and offer efficient and transparent small units.

Perhaps you are moving from an apartment on the 31st and can’t occupy your new home until the morning of the 1st? So, we store your property in our locked and secure moving truck overnight, then unload in the morning.

Call the Movers packers and movers are ready to offer storage services that will meet your needs in Falls Church VA.


local movers in falls church
  • Develop overall move and management plan
  • Create new floor plan
  • Sort & downsize
  • Packing & moving
  • Unpacking, placing, and recreating
  • Picture hanging, decorating, accessories setup
  • Estate distribution to family, auctions, consignment
  • Coordinate donations
  • Trash clear out
  • Hoarding clean-up
  • Network: remodeling, painting, granite, plumbing, electrician, antique restoration, handyman…

Most seniors move from the large house, where they lived for several decades, to a smaller apartment. It’s an emotionally challenging process. It requires downsizing and keeping only the most valuable or sentimental items.

Call The Movers understands how challenging this transition is. However, our senior move management specialists are willing to make this period as smooth as possible.

Our Falls Church movers are willing to assist seniors and their relatives to all moving-related tasks: downsizing, packing, relocation, clear-outs and managing donations or auctions. We also suggest taking advantage of our partners’ network who can help with redecoration and relocation activities to ensure convenient living in a new place.


local movers in falls church
  • Piano moving
  • Marble & antique crating and moving
  • Pool table moving
  • Safe moving
  • Furniture hoisting
  • Clear outs and trash removals
  • Shipping
  • Network: remodeling, painting, granite, plumbing, electrician, antique restoration, handyman…

Everyone is capable of packing and moving things themselves. You can buy hundreds of moving boxes and wrapping materials, as well as rent a truck, and transfer everything to a new area. However, you might deal with annoying obstacles, for instance, some furniture may not fit through the door or you may get stuck in the traffic or discover that your truck cannot pass through the street you need.

Moving requires lots of thinking and planning. We value your attempts to do everything yourself, but we know that effective and smooth moving requires lots of planning and thinking about the tiniest details. Call The Movers recommends choosing a professional moving company in Falls Church to save up your time, money and good memories in the small city of Northern Virginia.

Our local moving company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and HomeAdvisor, so we guarantee that all parts of your move will be done with the highest level of professionalism.