LOCAL MOVERS in Ellicott City, MD

Call The Movers is a professional moving company that provides full moving services in Ellicott City. If you decided to move somewhere else to Howard County or other states of the United States, our helpful local movers are here for you to pack your belongings and give a ride with our truck.

From local moving to international moving, from packing to storage, from senior moving to office moving – we provide a variety of different services to satisfy all your needs.

Our moving services are certified by the Better Business Bureau and HomeAdvisor, so we simply cannot provide low quality moving services in Ellicott City, MD. Call our local movers in Ellicott City to begin your moving project right now!

MOVING SERVICES in Ellicott City, MD

  • Local movers in Ellicott City
  • Long distance moving
  • International moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Internal moving
  • Customized moves
  • Door to door, same crew, full moving service
  • We pack and load your rental
  • We unload your rental
  • Use our driver to drive your rental.

Why choose Call The Movers from numerous local movers in Ellicott City?

Our moving company in Ellicott City provides full moving services and applies personalized strategies to ensure a smooth transition process. Call The Movers can pack your belongings, load our (or your rented) truck and drive your belongings to your new location.

With our help you can avoid back pains from lifting heavy boxes and furniture, spending hours in the traffic or dealing with other challenges that might occur when driving a moving truck for the first time.

Movers in Ellicott City have heard numerous terrible stories and bad experiences. We want to replace your negative memories with positive ones by providing professional moving services.

No move is too big or too small for Call The Movers. No secret charges are hidden in our contract. No delays, damaged good or impolite behavior are propagated by our movers. We value professionalism and apply high work standards.



Many moving companies in Ellicott City provide packing services. According to our customers, not every mover knows how to pack inventory cautiously. Careless packing leads to nothing else but broken items.

Our movers understand the importance of packing. Some household items cannot be evaluated financially. They have sentimental value which is priceless. Call The Movers assures high-quality packing services in Ellicott City, MD.

Call The Movers also know the best storage units in Maryland, so if you cannot unload your belongings in a new address immediately, we can suggest professional storage services in your location.

Why use local storage:

  • By using your local storage, you will save from 25% to 40%
  • No enduring the cost of travel time and gasoline costs
  • Have access to your things 7 days a week, 5 to 10 minutes away
  • No need to schedule a time window to get something that you need
  • No need to pay extra fees every time you want to access your things
  • No need to adhere to strict rules and inflexible terms of conditions
  • Support your local infrastructure that is already in place

Our local movers in Ellicott City offer full packing, partial packing, and customized packing services. We prepare the copy of your inventory which tells what items each box contains. Thus, you should not have any difficulties with unpacking. However, if you need help with taking everything out of the boxes, we are glad to give you a hand!

STORAGE UNITS in Ellicott City, MD


Do you need storage unit as part of your move in Maryland or Ellicott City? Call the Movers is moving company near you, that provides moving help and various storage solutions for every client.

We offer only personalized storage solutions for every home and apartment owner who needs storage between your move out date and your move in date.

Call the Movers has years of experience in commercial office moving and offers business relocation without stress. Our professional movers and packers will ensure that all the inventory is marked and with labels.

Our team organizes how to load storage with your items conveniently for long-term and short-term storage, what includes moving boxes, marking and inventorying.

You can choose to pack your belongings as a more economical option. Our team will be happy to help you with many moving tips and techniques to make sure your self-packing as good as a professional packer.

Call the Movers can help you with a service that allows you to keep your things in storage for a short period up to 3 months.

Instead of offering you a storage somewhere hours away, we can provide a convenient, affordable storage solution for long-term storage in your neighborhood.

Moving out of the dormitory for summertime now can be easy and cheap if you choose Call the Movers. We will help you to keep your belongings in our storage units for whole Summer without any additional concerns.

Whether you’d like the extra space in Ellicott City MD for personal Storage to help declutter your home or store your old clothes, or for business Storage to store your excess business stock or important documents, a self-Storage unit from Call the Movers could be beneficial for you.

If you are moving out of your existing home or office today, but can’t get into your new location until tomorrow, we recommend overnight truck storage as the best option for you.

Be sure, your belongings will be safely kept in our storage units as long or as short as you need it. Contact our professional movers today to learn more about our storage units’ options in Ellicott City MD!


  • Develop overall move and management plan
  • Create new floor plan
  • Sort & downsize
  • Packing & moving
  • Unpacking, placing, and recreating
  • Picture hanging, decorating, accessories setup
  • Estate distribution to family, auctions, consignment
  • Coordinate donations
  • Trash clear out
  • Hoarding clean-up
  • Network: remodeling, painting, granite, plumbing, electrician, antique restoration, handyman…

Call The Movers is honored to help seniors of Ellicott City to relocate to a new area, retirement home, senior house community or to a smaller apartment across the street. Our senior move management specialists helped numerous people to downsize, pack the most valuable items and say goodbye to the old house.

Sometimes it’s a painful process because you have to leave decades of experiences and stories created under the old roof. Our local movers in Ellicott City, MD understand that senior relocation is a challenging activity both physically and emotionally.

Call The Movers team is here to provide you and your relatives all the needed help and support during the relocation period.


  • Piano moving
  • Marble & antique crating and moving
  • Pool table moving
  • Safe moving
  • Furniture hoisting
  • Clear outs and trash removals
  • Shipping
  • Network: remodeling, painting, granite, plumbing, electrician, antique restoration, handyman…

If you have changed houses or offices a couple of times before, probably you know how much stress and havoc this process causes. The good news is that you do not need to live through hell one more time. All it takes is to hire a local moving company in Ellicott City to help you with packing, moving and other tasks.

At Call The Movers we believe in professionalism and providing high-quality services for everyone. Contact our expeditors to discuss your moving plans right now!