LOCAL MOVERS in Bethesda, MD

Call The Movers is happy to provide full moving services in Bethesda, Maryland. We have no doubts that your friends and neighbors can help with packing and loading a moving truck. But let’s be honest. Are you sure that they will properly pack everything? What about you – do you want to spend hours driving a truck?

Every move is stressful and requires lots of emotional and physical strength. Our Bethesda moving company wants to simplify this process by offering professional local moving, long distance moving, international moving, commercial moving, senior relocation, full and partial packing, storage, and many other services.

Client feedback is very important when choosing local movers in Bethesda. We believe that you have heard a few good words about Call The Movers from your friends or co-workers. Our local movers are ready to plan your move and exceed your expectations!


  • Local movers in Bethesda, MD
  • Long distance moving
  • International moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Internal moving
  • Customized moves
  • Door to door, same crew, full moving service
  • We pack and load your rental
  • We unload your rental
  • Use our driver to drive your rental.

Why choose Call The Movers as you local movers in Bethesda, MD?

Call The Movers is a professional moving company in Bethesda, MD. Our professional services are certified by the Better Business Bureau and nominated by HomeAdvisor. We guarantee high-quality in-state and cross-state moving services, professional packing, transportation and packing services.

Our movers planed and moved many households and offices. No move is too small or too big for our local movers. If you only need to relocate your office to the upper floor, we can help you to move tables, chairs, coffee machine, and important documents.

Bethesda movers helped numerous people to move to new houses in whole Maryland State. Professional expeditors and drivers can pack your belongings, load our truck and transfer everything to a new location or local storage unit.

At Call The Movers we value each client. We always arrive on time and do not hide any secret charges. Professionalism and natural willingness to be the best movers are the foundation of our company.



Our local movers in Bethesda offers full moving and partial moving services. Our team can arrive at your place and pack everything for the road. Don’t worry about getting lost in the boxes. We will mark everything and give you a copy of the inventory.

If you need a temporary storage, Call The Movers can find the best local storage units that assure safety, climate control and other professional services you may need.

Why use local storage:

  • By using your local storage, you will save from 25% to 40%
  • No enduring the cost of travel time and gasoline costs
  • Have access to your things 7 days a week, 5 to 10 minutes away
  • No need to schedule a time window to get something that you need
  • No need to pay extra fees every time you want to access your things
  • No need to adhere to strict rules and inflexible terms of conditions
  • Support your local infrastructure that is already in place

Our moving company in Bethesda takes care of the environment too. We provide free pick up of used boxes and give them for recycling.



Call the Movers suggest a place for everything. Looking for a Storage in Bethesda MD? If you need temporary or long-term storage, Call the Movers can find the best local storage units that assure safety, climate control and other professional services you may need.

In need of home storage services? Store your household goods within our secure facilities with our flexible short- or long-term home storage options.

Ensure your commercial commodities are stored securely and monitored closely by choosing Call the Movers warehouse solutions. Whether you’re temporarily between locations and looking for commercial moving warehousing or just need extra storage, we can help.

There are several good reasons for choosing a mover with a packing service. One of the most important, that choosing a professional packing company can save you money on your move by being more time- and space-efficient.

Sometimes people choose self-packing as more ecological way of packing. People often use good quality used boxes which were found in grocery and other stores. We want to assure that our moving company take care of planned, we provide free pick up of used boxes and give them for the recycling.

If you want to find a secure and affordable short-term storage solution in Bethesda MD, now you are a step closer to choosing the right short-term storage solution for your needs. Call the Movers believe, that everyone need specific storage services, so we work to fully accomplish your needs.

Many of our customers find they need to put household effects into store for a long period. Call the Movers has years of experience in helping with long-term storage service if you must store a legacy or you are working abroad.

Call the Movers would like to help you with storing your books and bits you don’t need over the summer. Our services are friendly and accessible to students.

When you rent a storage unit with Call the Movers, you’ll receive value, convenience, and security. Our experienced local movers in Bethesda MD is here to guide you through the storage rental process with as much or as little help as you need.

There’s just one night left until your relocation? Call the Movers moving truck can be a perfect storage unit for this short period to keep your items safe and clean.

Whether you’re looking for personal, business, or storage units in Maryland, we have the perfect storage solution for you.


  • Develop overall move and management plan
  • Create new floor plan
  • Sort & downsize
  • Packing & moving
  • Unpacking, placing, and recreating
  • Picture hanging, decorating, accessories setup
  • Estate distribution to family, auctions, consignment
  • Coordinate donations
  • Trash clear out
  • Hoarding clean-up
  • Network: remodeling, painting, granite, plumbing, electrician, antique restoration, handyman…

Call The Movers is honored to help seniors move to a retirement home or smaller apartment to be closer to your relatives. We provide professional senior relocation services in Bethesda, MD.

Our specialists coordinate every part of the move including packing, downsizing, coordinating donations, estate distribution, trash clear our, remodeling, and many more. Movers ensure a high level of professionalism and sensitivity.

We understand that leaving the old house in Bethesda can be hard emotionally. Together with our trusted partners, we want to ensure as smooth and easy transition as possible.


  • Piano moving
  • Marble & antique crating and moving
  • Pool table moving
  • Safe moving
  • Furniture hoisting
  • Clear outs and trash removals
  • Shipping
  • Network: remodeling, painting, granite, plumbing, electrician, antique restoration, handyman…

Looking for piano movers in Bethesda? You came to the right place. Call The Movers team is trained to move pianos, pool tables, and many other bulky inventories.

Local movers in Bethesda, MD know that musical instruments are heavy, hard to fit through doors and need special protection once loaded in the moving truck. However, our movers also know that your piano might have sentimental value which cannot be evaluated by any sum of money. We promise to keep your memories safe!

Call The Movers is a professional Bethesda moving company that has years of experience in the moving industry. We built a strong network of partners who can help with a variety of moving-related services too.