While the COVID-19 pandemic added a substantial level of stress to our personal and professional lives, at Call The Movers we understand that no matter how difficult is the situation, we must do our best to help our clients to move to their new homes.

Usually a local or long distance moving is planed months ago and in many cases there is no option to change the dates or postpone the move due to house closing, rental contracts ending, or new residents waiting and planning to move in. Therefore the move must happen!

Transportation and moving services are considered an ”essential business” under federal guidelines, therefore Call The Movers continue operating and do provide professional local moving, long distance moving, packing and storage services.

Please notice that we are committed to take all the necessary actions according to CDC recommendations and guidelines to keep our employees and customers safe while providing you the best possible moving experience.

What we do recommend to our clients:

  • Make sure if possible that there are no elderly people and those with pre-existing respiratory and cardiovascular conditions at home on the move day.
  • It is very important to keep as few people as possible in one space. We do recommend only one of the owners to stay and supervise the move. Take care to also practice a safe social distancing.
  • Practice safe hygiene measures by washing your hands frequently while moving. If you do have a mask, please wear it as well as gloves for additional protection.
  • When the moving team arrives, please leave open doorways and windows in your home throughout your move, so the fresh air is constantly circulating.

At Call The Movers we are taking a range of precautions to reduce COVID-19 risks and to ensure your move is safe:

  • All our equipment and trucks are cleaned and disinfected on a daily basis. We also increased sanitation and housekeeping for our office and warehouse.
  • If our movers do not feel well or suspect they have had contact with someone who is infected, they stay at home.
  • In an effort to reduce large gatherings in office settings, we are reducing risk by staggering shift start times among team members, keeping it to maximum 4-5 people at the time.
  • Our movers wear face masks (if available) and use gloves as well as hand sanitizer during the move. At the moment we ran out of masks, so please wear mask if you have one. We understand that there is a great shortage even for medical professionals, therefore it is very important to keep the windows and doors opened in your home during the move to improve indoor ventilation.
  • After arriving at your location our movers will greet you and be friendly but maintain a safe social distance and avoid touching or handshaking.

We are trying to do our part of the job the best as we can, and we appreciate that you are using our moving services. Please stay safe during your move.

For further moving-related questions we encourage you to contact us.