We have lots of heavy and difficult to move items at our homes. So, moving is complicated and might be painful. After packing and lifting household items all day long, you might suffer from back or muscle pains in the evening. Well, if you are in good shape or hire a professional moving company, it might not be the case.

However, the majority of Americans have some household items at their homes that are harder to move that may seem at the beginning. Call The Movers specialists helped thousands of people to move. So, let us share our experience and help you to think of the best strategies to relocate the following items.


Moving for plant lovers is quite a disaster. Plants are often big, heavy and sensitive to temperature changes. Of course, you do not want to kill your precious plants during the move!

If your plants live in the ceramic pots, you should transfer them to a plastic pot. Do this a few weeks the move because plans take time to settle in. On a moving day, put your plants into the same vehicle as you are. It’s better to transport them in your car instead of moving truck because you will be able to control the temperature and ensure the safety of the plants.


Hiring piano movers is the best solution to move this bulky and heavy item. It’s hard to move it from doorways or hallways without causing damage to your house and instrument. Besides, one incorrect move or step might hurt your back and feet. Injuries are not welcome during the move.

We talked more about a piano move in this article.

Fish tank

No one wants that fish tank move ends up with the death of beloved golden fish. However, it happens quite often. Why? Due to hectic sloshing and fluctuating conditions. We prepared a detailed guide that should help to move fish tank without any damages or loses here.


The artwork is expensive and often has sentimental value, so it’s important to properly protect it during the move. If you have to move a painting or other artwork that is in the frame, you have to use paper or bubble wrap to protect it. Once you wrap the artwork, tape cardboard pieces and place it around the frame. It gives extra protection. Make sure that artwork doesn’t move by placing pillows or other items into the same box too.

Other types of artwork need lots of bubble wrap. Do not save it. Wrapped artwork put into the box. Make sure that it is a proper size box and the artwork fits there perfectly. The box should also have reinforced bottom. Secure the top of the box with the tape too.

Packing peanuts help to secure both types of artwork too. However, filling the box is not enough. You have to mark boxes with visible sign “fragile” and inform your movers to be careful.

Choosing professional moving company ensures that these four difficult to move items are transferred to your new home without damage. However, if you decide to do it yourself, we wish you good luck!