Finding a perfect family house is exciting. However, the excitement often fades away when it comes to planning the big move. Parents often become frightened about how they will manage the move and taking care of kids at the same time. Moving with kids probably is one of the most challenging types of move. But we can assure that everything is manageable with tips prepared by Call The Movers specialists.

Tell kids about the move early

Telling your kids about the move should be your priority. Kids can be cheerful and excited about the move. But they might get sad or angry because they have to leave their school or friends. So, you should be prepared to help them to find the bright side of the move.

Depending on their age, tell them specific details about the move and the exact moving day. Usually, kids have lots of questions related to their old life and what is waiting for them in a new location. Be patient and make sure they have all the honest answers.

Start planning as early as possible

Moving requires planning. Lots of planning. Depending on the age and kids’ attitude towards an upcoming move, you should involve kids in the planning process and dedicate them some tasks, such as packing their things. However, if they are angry or grumpy because of the move, you should be prepared to pack their belongings yourself.

We highly recommend creating a to-do list for every family member. Usually, kids love responsibility and being useful. Of course, they might not pack like professionals, and you may need to redo it. But feeling important and needed helps kids to deal with the move.

Usually, planning a move requires 8-12 weeks. However, smooth moving with kids might require even more time. So, if your circumstances allow, start planning a move more than 12 weeks before.

Packing with kids

Can you imagine packing toys with your kids? Indeed, it will become a never-ending game party. While some toys are being packed in the box, toys from another box are being taken out. It’s a nightmare packing with kids. It’s better to pack the majority of toys and other things while your little angel is asleep. Of course, you should leave his or her favorite toys!

But before that, you should talk with your kids what toys and other items should be moved and what can be donated or thrown away. Sorting things is difficult for the kids, so you will need to guide them throw the process.

Downsizing is pretty complicated because kids rarely want to give away their toys even though they haven’t played with it for a long time. However, it’s a perfect time to explain kids the benefits of donation, sharing and helping others.

Find a babysitter

Hiring a babysitter is very helpful when you need to speed up moving-related jobs. No matter how much you love your kids, they might create big chaos and disturb moving process. So, having a night or two kids-free is very useful.

Additionally, you can ask grandparents or friends to spend a couple of hours with kids until you finish important moving-related tasks.

Create a reword system

Gifts or surprises always motivate kids. So, create a reward system. You can buy a new toy or bring kids to an amusement park or favorite place to eat once they complete their tasks. It works especially when you have two or more kids that love to compete with each other. However, make sure that this competition has no losers.

Say a proper goodbye to the old home

It’s important for kids to say goodbye to the place they lived from the day they born. You can launch a goodbye party and create a memory book filled with old house pictures. It will help kids to feel less anxious about the upcoming change.

Stay positive

No matter what will happen, you have to remain positive. Kids can feel if something goes wrong and these negative emotions affect their attitude towards the move. No doubt moving with kids requires lots of emotional strength. You can do it!

However, if you need help with some moving-related tasks, do not hesitate and contact Call The Movers. We are a professional full-moving company that is willing to make your move as comfortable as possible.