LOCAL MOVERS in Manor Park, DC

If life in Manor Park became too quiet and you have decided to move to Washington DC or enjoy big city life in another state, Call The Movers can take care of your relocation. Our moving company in Manor Park, DC provides professional local moving, long distance moving, and international moving services.

We are professional Manor Park movers who helped countless families, elders and business people to relocate to various places in the United States. The variety of services and high level of professionalism allow adapting and satisfying to each client’s needs.

Our local movers apply individual moving strategies, always arrive on time and do not tend to hide any charges. By choosing Call The Movers you avoid all unpleasant surprises.


  • Local moving
  • Long distance moving
  • International moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Internal moving
  • Customized moves
  • Door to door, same crew, full moving service
  • We pack and load your rental
  • We unload your rental
  • Use our driver to drive your rental.

Why choose Call The Movers? 

Call The Movers is more than an ordinary moving company in Manor Park, DC. We put our clients first by providing various services and continuously improving our standards. We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and HomeAdvisor, so you cannot expect anything less than extraordinary services.

Our Manor Park moving company can assist with all moving-related tasks that you can (or can’t) think of. No move is too big or too small for us, so if you need carrying a sofa to another room or packing and moving 3-bedroom apartment across the country, we are here for you.

Expeditors at Call The Movers are willing to consult you about proper packing, professional storage units or the best rental truck. However, we can take care of these and many more tasks. While we pack your belongings and load our truck, you can go for the last walk around the beautiful neighborhood.



Packing and storage are often required services. Of course, you can do everything by yourself or with the help of friends or family members. However, if you want to speed up the process and be certain that all belongings are packed and organized properly, you should hire professionals.

Call The Movers team offer full packing and customized packing services. Moreover, we can find a local storage unit in Manor Park or your new area of residence.

Why use local storage:

  • By using your local storage, you will save from 25% to 40%
  • No enduring the cost of travel time and gasoline costs
  • Have access to your things 7 days a week, 5 to 10 minutes away
  • No need to schedule a time window to get something that you need
  • No need to pay extra fees every time you want to access your things
  • No need to adhere to strict rules and inflexible terms of conditions
  • Support your local infrastructure that is already in place

During the years in the moving industry, we learned how to identify client’s needs and offer exceptional services. We can not only unload your belongings from our truck but help you unpack everything and pick up used moving boxes too.



If you need to store some items until you get all settled in your new place, Call the Movers is there for you in Manor Park DC and Washington DC neighborhood.

If you’re looking for somewhere clean and safe to keep your furniture, Call the Movers can provide reliable furniture storage with our modern storage units. We can provide a secure temporary home for your furniture during your travels, or a long-term arrangement to make room in your house. Call the Movers arrange a professional assistance if you need to keep your household items.

Our business storage solutions help to create an organized and tidy space for your company. Our experienced local movers offer small spaces and large-high-quality commercial storage at many of our locations in Washington DC, allowing businesses of any size or type to find storage that’s right for their needs.

At Call the Movers, we look forward to assisting you with full or partial packing and other storage ideas and recommendations from our years of experience as a leader in moving and storage industry. Professional packers pack every item in your house by using the most modern packing techniques and materials that the moving industry has to offer today.

If you don’t need extra help with packing, our moving company still recommends checking your blog Good to Know, where you will be able to find packing and moving tips for free.

One of the reasons why people need short-term storage units is that renovation sometimes takes longer than expected. Call the Movers can help you with the temporary storage solutions in Manor Park DC to make this period smoother.

Leaving Manor Park DC for a long period, because you have decided to spend a whole year abroad? Call the Movers knows that long-term storage might be the right option for you. Call us to discuss more about storage services in Washington DC, because we serve whole DMV area.

Students face up with storage service needs, when they are leaving their dormitories for summer break. We know that students often looking for cheap movers DC, because they can’t spend bunch of money for summer storage. Call the Movers is here to help students. We can simplify moving in and out to different dormitories or flats with affordable price.

Running out of room for your furniture? Call the Movers can assure, that self-storage unit is your home away from home, perfect for keeping your furniture safe whether you’re downsizing, moving or travelling. If you decided for this storage solution, we would gladly work with you to make sure your belongings protected and stored.

Need temporary storage solution or just overnight storage? Give Call the Movers a call and your belongings can be safely stored in one of our clean moving truck.

Call the Movers is always ready to meet your needs. We encourage you to meet our great storage services in Manor Park DC or other places in Washington DC.


  • Develop overall move and management plan
  • Create new floor plan
  • Sort & downsize
  • Packing & moving
  • Unpacking, placing, and recreating
  • Picture hanging, decorating, accessories setup
  • Estate distribution to family, auctions, consignment
  • Coordinate donations
  • Trash clear out
  • Hoarding clean-up
  • Network: remodeling, painting, granite, plumbing, electrician, antique restoration, handyman…

Manor Park is a calm and beautiful place to live for families and seniors. However, if you or your beloved parents decided to leave this neighborhood of Washington DC, Call The Movers team is willing to provide professional senior relocation services.

Our senior move management specialists can help you or your relatives to sort, downsize and pack your belongings. We understand that it is not an easy task. Some things have sentimental value and can be hard to get rid of. However, specialists at Call The Movers will help to bring the most valuable memories to your new home.

If you need help with redecorating, cleaning or preparing the old house for estate distribution means, our partners can offer all the needed services. We know professionals who can make your new home convenient and beautiful place to live too. Just let us know and we will set you up with the right people.


  • Piano moving
  • Marble & antique crating and moving
  • Pool table moving
  • Safe moving
  • Furniture hoisting
  • Clear outs and trash removals
  • Shipping
  • Network: remodeling, painting, granite, plumbing, electrician, antique restoration, handyman…

If you are looking for some reliable local movers who can help with piano moving or safe moving, you came to the right place. Our Manor Park movers know how to take care of such bulky and expensive things that often have sentimental value which is priceless. We promise not to ruin your memories!

Call The Movers makes sure that every step of the local or long distance move is done with the greatest care. Our company has the highest work ethics and provides only high-quality services. We aim to be your irreplaceable local mover in Washington DC.