Our local movers in Clifton offers professional moving services to help you move out from southwestern Fairfax County, Virginia, to another part of the United States. Our experienced expeditors can plan, manage and finish the moving process in time and for a reasonable price.

Call The Movers provides full moving services in Clifton, VA. If you need help packing your belongings or moving some furniture to another house just a few blocks away, just let us know. Our professional crew arrive on time and gladly help you to move everything wherever you need.

Our moving company and local movers in Clifton, VA applies modern moving strategies, builds trust and relationships, as well as surpasses customer’s needs by providing high-quality moving services and friendly communication with local movers.


  • Local movers in Clifton, VA
  • Long-distance moving
  • International moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Internal moving
  • Customized moves
  • Door to door, same crew, full moving service
  • We pack and load your rental
  • We unload your rental
  • Use our driver to drive your rental.

Why choose Call The Movers to be your next local movers in Clifton, VA?

Moving process takes time and if you decide to hire a moving company in Clifton, you have to make sure that expeditors are reliable, kind and professional. At Call The Movers we believe that every move has to be done based on the client’s needs and expectations.

We value each customer and their feedback which helps us to grow and improve our moving services. Of course, the biggest achievement is receiving a call from a former client asking for help with another move. It motivates us to do better than before!

Our moving services include local moving, long-distance moving, international moving, packing, office moving, senior moving, storage and estate distribution services. Our Clifton movers can advise you on planning your move, giving effective packing tips or help to find other services or facilities. We have a strong network and can recommend specialists who share the same professional level as we do.



Protecting, packing and marking inventory is very important. Even the tiniest mistakes can lead to damaged or broken items or make unpacking very chaotic. In order to help you, we offer professional packing services in Clifton, VA. Our crew knows how to create a system and pack everything effectively.

Our movers can also safely load a truck and drive everything to your new home or local storage unit. Let us know if you need a temporary storage solution, and we will find the best unit for your belongings.

Why use local storage:

  • By using your local storage, you will save from 25% to 40%
  • No enduring the cost of travel time and gasoline costs
  • Have access to your things 7 days a week, 5 to 10 minutes away
  • No need to schedule a time window to get something that you need
  • No need to pay extra fees every time you want to access your things
  • No need to adhere to strict rules and inflexible terms of conditions
  • Support your local infrastructure that is already in place

Letting stranger to your home and letting them pack all your life might be stressful. However, we can assure that Call The Movers is a professional local movers in Clifton, VA. We train our crew and apply high standards. Our local movers know that we are packing and moving memories, stories, and sentimental valuables.



Call the Movers are ready to offer you the best storage units’ solutions in Clifton VA. If you need storage or additional space, we can store your items easily.

To keep your antiques, artwork, wooden furniture, household appliances and other items in a good condition Call the Movers especially focuses on climate control and temperatures.

To ensure the best business move, Call the Movers are ready to offer storage services in addition to moving services. Our professional movers can help you with, full or partial packing, transportation and to keep your belongings safe in warehouses with climate control.

Do you know, that packing for long-term storage requires more effort and adding an extra layer of protection compared to short-term storage packing? Our packing team will carefully evaluate needed storage space, conveniently prepare items for moving and storage and even will take care of  marking boxes and creating an inventory of stored belongings.

If you decided for self-packing, Call the Movers want to remind you, that storage requires protecting items and ensuring that everything remains in the same good condition after three months or more. Besides, if you need extra help with packing, our moving company is willing to assist you in Clifton VA!

If you‘re in between moving dates or your renovation takes longer than expected, just remember that we are only one phone call away! Call the Movers will help you with the temporary storage solutions.

If you are having plans for traveling for a long time a long-term storage might be the right option for you. At Call the Movers we provide full packing and partial packing services, so we can save up your time and ensure that everything is prepared for long-term storage properly.

We provide student summer storage solutions in Clifton VA and Fairfax county. Call the Movers moving and storage services, you can simplify moving in and out to different dormitories or flats.

Call the Movers believe in local storage units and infrastructure. It’s are easily accessible 7 days a week, 5 to 10 minutes away. If you decided for this storage solution, we would gladly work with you to make sure your belongings protected and stored as safe as it is at Call the Movers storage.

If there just one night left until you will relocate to your newly home or office, Call the Movers can offer you overnight truck storage. Just give Call the Movers a call and will be there for you.

We are ready to prove not only the best moving experience, but also and storage experience in Clifton VA.


  • Develop overall move and management plan
  • Create new floor plan
  • Sort & downsize
  • Packing & moving
  • Unpacking, placing, and recreating
  • Picture hanging, decorating, accessories setup
  • Estate distribution to family, auctions, consignment
  • Coordinate donations
  • Trash clear out
  • Hoarding clean-up
  • Network: remodeling, painting, granite, plumbing, electrician, antique restoration, handyman…

Senior move usually requires sorting things and selecting only the most valuable items. What to do with other things no one needs? How to prepare yourself, your mother or grandparents for relocation? How long does it take to clean up the house and prepare it for the market?

All of these problems can be avoided and solved easily with a professional local movers in Clifton. Call The Movers provides full senior move management services from creating a plan to redecorating new apartment, estate distribution to donating or selling inventory in auctions, local moving to full moving services.


  • Piano moving
  • Marble & antique crating and moving
  • Pool table moving
  • Safe moving
  • Furniture hoisting
  • Clear outs and trash removals
  • Shipping
  • Network: remodeling, painting, granite, plumbing, electrician, antique restoration, handyman…

Every mover at Call The Movers know that moving is more than packing boxes and transferring them to a new location. This process might be followed by fights with family, delays, bad weather or injuries. You can avoid living in a horror movie for a week or two by hiring professional movers.

It’s not easy to find a reliable team that understands your needs. Our local movers in Clifton is ready to send our professionals to your place and discuss moving process. We are glad to offer affordable services for people who need high-quality services.

We are honored to be a part of Better Business Bureau (BBB) and HomeAdvisor platforms. It allows building trust and provides the best moving experience for our customers.