When to start packing for a move?

You may never know how much stuff you own until you start packing for a move. This process is quite challenging and hectic, and movers always recommend not to delay it to the last week. No matter how big or small your house, apartment or office is, you should begin packing 6-8 weeks before the move.

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Tips for moving in summer

Moving in summer has lots of pros and cons, but people tend to move more during the warm and sunny days of summer. The moving season peak begins between Memorial Day and Labor Day weekend, and it finishes with the colder days of autumn.

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How to move a fish tank

We have talked about how to move with pets earlier. However, what suits air-breathing animals, does not work for those who live under the water. Today we will explain how to move a fish tank and avoid damage or loss.

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How to declutter before a move

Even though minimalistic lifestyle is trending for a couple of years, we still buy and keep lots of things in cupboards, wardrobes, and drawers. Attic or basement is often filled with unknown stuff and mysteries: where did it come from? How long has it been there? Do I really need this?

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How to Move with Pets

Moving with pets is not easy, but manageable if you start planning in advance. Call The Movers team loves pets and knows some tips on how to make relocation for your cat, dog, hamster or other pet comfortable.

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How to move a piano?

The piano move is a heavy task. Literally heavy. It might hurt your back if you do a few wrong moves or think too good of yourself. It might hurt your heart too if something goes wrong and piano slips off your hands. We know that pianos often come as gifts from family to family. Thus, sentiments can be broken during the move if you are not 100% sure what you are doing.

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