4 items that are hard to move

We have lots of heavy and difficult to move items at our homes. So, moving is complicated and might be painful. After packing and lifting household items all day long, you might suffer from back or muscle pains in the evening. Well, if you are in good shape or hire a professional moving company, it might not be the case.

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Tips for moving in autumn

Moving in autumn has lots of pros. Summer heat does not bother anymore and you do not have to choose between moving and summer holidays. The moving industry also slows down and it gets easier to find movers for the affordable price.

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How to prepare for a long distance move?

Moving across the country or another side of the work is exciting. However, long distance moving requires lots of preparation, discipline, and work. Hiring a professional moving company helps a lot. However, movers are not magicians. You will need to cooperate and work together with them too.

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Tips for moving with kids

Finding a perfect family house is exciting. However, the excitement often fades away when it comes to planning the big move. Parents often become frightened about how they will manage the move and taking care of kids at the same time. Moving with kids probably is one of the most challenging types of move. But we can assure that everything is manageable with tips prepared by Call The Movers specialists.

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Tips for having a stress-free moving day

Inspirational quotes encourage us not to be afraid of changes. Moving to a new location or buying a dream house is exciting, but when you realize that your old life has to be packed to boxes and relocated to another state, city or continent, the stress level skyrockets immediately.

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Essentials box: what is it and how to pack it?

If you have already read a couple of articles on effective moving and packing, you may have learned about the essentials box, open-first box or a first night box. All these terms describe a magical box that simplifies your moving day and a couple of days after moving into a new house.

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